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This was floating around in the news a few weeks ago warning of a 'Digital Dark Age' and definitely holds legitimacy. We're currently hoarding all of our files on digital devices and clouds creating a hole in physical archives! Must be some wisdom from working in the libraries finally rubbing off on me.

It's crazy and a little sad how no one seems to print out pictures anymore like they used to. I bought a camera this summer and it's been nice learning some basic photography skills (like, incredibly basic) and capturing some shots at a higher resolution than offered by my iPhone. Now the challenge is actually doing something with them…I'm going to try and get better I promise! I've also got my eye on a Lomo'Instant Camera; because how fun would that be? Wouldn't mind those geometric photo holders, too. If you're looking for some beginner photography lessons, I recommend this little crash course from Brit + Co; I picked up a few things and hopefully you can too!