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Baby Blues.

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I've gotten rid of SO MANY clothes recently and it's been quite cathartic (and spurred some much deserved online shopping). I've been reading others' experiences with creating a capsule / lean wardrobe and its changed the way I think about my own closet. I've rambled on about quality over quantity before, and it comes in full force here. I've learned some of my favorite and most versatile pieces are denim or blue. With spring on the way, (slowly but snowed last week) I've been buying some NON-wool or non-shearling-lined things and loving light blue and pastels. I especially love the sleeveless jacket I scooped up from Hackwith Design House and I can't wait to pair it with a sleeveless dress and some high tops. The way oversized denim shirt vibe is a look I could have borrowed from my dad in the nineties and I love everything about it.

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