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Pink and White and Black (Licorice)

Alison KlunickComment

Hello sweet, soft pink...I seemed to have given up on you when I entered my middle school years and haven't thought of you much since. But you managed to creep your way back into my heart when you were the stand-out hue of dozens of statement coats decorating the streets during NYFW this winter.

Coming from someone who loves to stick to her neutrals of grey, black and blue, this pink is  refreshing and feminine. This outfit needs to recreate itself and find its way into my closet for summer. This candy color is especially appealing when paired with black and white to create a certain edginess. I would also welcome that rug to my apartment in a heartbeat, please.

And we can we just take a moment to acknowledge how on-trend these (delicious) licorice allsorts candies are?