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Chopped 6 inches off of my hair with no regrets this weekend at my favorite little Minneapolis salon. Change is good! 

Trying to read more actual written things lately because its good for you and definitely better for you than whatever nonsense is in my Facebook newsfeed (no offense, people I haven't talked to in years). Living vicariously through Cheryl Strayed's memoir of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and anticipating the movie next month. Always read the book first!

Want this mortar + pestle to grind spices and things and be all domestic. Need to fill our tiny apartment with christmas smells and would love to make my own homemade chai. Obsessed with everything at Spartan Shop's cold in Minnesota and I would like to be smelling ocean air and basking in the sun because I've learned I'm not great at embracing winter after 26 years. My skin would probably appreciate it too!