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Do you ever get overwhelmed when you start to think about how many things you own?

The feeling can be easily experienced by spending 14 endless-seeming hours carting your junk (or not junk) across town in haphazardly-packed boxes. Its been a year since my last move (to a very tiny studio apartment), and since then I've been doing a lot of evaluating of the physical belongings in my life and my relationship with them.

The above statement popped up recently and strongly resonates with said relationship examination...speaking most specifically the pieces in my closet.

This isn't a new idea; Cuyana has been promoting the Lean Closet movement for awhile now by asking consumers to rethink what they're choosing to stuff (or not stuff) into their closets. In trying to live a more minimal life, this movement has helped me firmly justify that its OK to buy nice things that will last through the years and ever-changing fashions, instead of focusing on impulsive and of-the-moment items.

That being said, I think its still ok to indulge in a few trendy and bold things now and then to keep it fresh.

More thoughtful and less-frequent consumption (I'm reciting this next time I buy a pair of Frye boots).