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Definitely Madewell.

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Last night I went to the grand opening of the Madewell store at the Mall of America. I've definitely been spoiled by the perks of living in a bigger city, aka, more shopping choices (err..temptations?). I have always loved J.Crew, but I think I might love her 'sister store' more. The color palette is beautful; its rich and a little subdued compared to the bold rainbow of color options at J.Crew. The clothes are still preppy, but not too preppy...a little more laid back. Basically, I want everything.

I have also always been really attracted to their overall look in their marketing materials, including their catalog and website. They have some great off-model photography and styling. I also love the uncoated paper (I'm a nerd, I know) their catalog is printed on, and the larger non-standard size. They embrace such a clean look in both their print and web materials.


This little number is on its way to me, and I picked a couple basics up last night at the store. That is literally the perfect t-shirt. Below are some examples of why I love their marketing!


all marketing images from Madewell.